Friday, December 19, 2008

Neverland, pt. 1

Everyone knows one.

Sometimes I'll be reading a book and these people (type of person) will come up and say, proudly, that they've never completed a book in their lives. It's an announcement that must be made. Readers, beware! Your enemy approaches.

Okay, an exaggeration, maybe, but fact is anti-readers somehow exist. With time they're becoming more "anti-books". But the question is, can they make their case against books? We begin with possible claims:

1. The internet has made books obsolete.
2. Waste of time.
3. I'll just go see the movie.
4. What can it possibly teach me that I don't already know?
5. Repetitive. Repetitive. Repetitive.

This group is obviously a minority among the greater population, but everyone knows one. These aren't those who don't get around to reading. They don't read because it's a matter of principle. What are those principles?

Mull it over. Continuation on its way.

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