Sunday, November 15, 2009

A story of young and old

Not much in recent weeks has made me as happy as discovering that I can check out the continuing "Magic Tree House" books through the Overdrive library. In the eight years since I last purchased a book in the series, I've missed out on the more expensive hardcover books (a different "series", according to Wikipedia) and have always felt like I abandoned some good friends

For me, the series ended abruptly but aptly. I started reading it in a strange order, first with the twelfth book "Polar Bears Past Bedtime" (the Lars books led to a lifelong obsession with polar bears), then backtracking to "Dolphins at Daybreak" (to understand the story arc), and then finally starting the series properly from the beginning and reading it through. "Polar Bears Past Bedtime" was perfectly suited for a "end-of-first-grade" kid, but years passed. It was difficult to let go and even though it took me about 22 minutes to breeze through "High Tide in Hawaii", I was sad to see the series off. It's a pleasure to find out that I can revisit some childhood favorites through older eyes.

*A small note - The name of the author of this blog has been slightly altered (to a perhaps more familiar title), as the old one is no longer relevant.

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