Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday links

  • I'm not exactly a Lev Grossman fan, but his post about what characters in fantasy novels should do more often is spot-on and quite hilarious (via
  • John Green emphasizes his opinion that books belong to their readers.
  • Reading Rainbow returns, as an iPad app subscription. LeVar Burton on publishing:
    "I'm sure you're aware, there's been a real nervousness in the publishing universe about this necessary conversion from print to digital, and we saw that there was an opportunity for us to be a solution, really, for publishers in terms of conversion - taking their titles and bringing them to a platform that worked - but also discovery."
  • Finally, an interesting article on the cost of eBooks that, while shedding light on publisher expenses, completely fails to understand the real reasons behind consumers' demands regarding eBooks prices (i.e. resale).


  1. LOL, I love hte Lev Grossman article. Great.

  2. I loved the Lev Grossman post! Thanks for sharing.


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