Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gloomy and irrelevant library thoughts

I hate returning unfinished books to the library. There's something so pathetic to it. Not only is this a monumental failure, but I've renewed this specific batch three times, each time on the very last day I could (thus ensuring I'd have the books for just as long as possible). And still. I had to return them with checkout-date bookmarks still in place. It begs the question. Am I checking out the right books? I've had these four books sitting on my shelf for almost three months and managed to read two (count 'em). Of the two remaining, one I didn't even look at. I started to read the other and kept struggling to get into it. All four of the books were checked out on a whim (none great classics, each chosen for a separate silly reason). The previous batch of books I checked out didn't have full marks either - I didn't finish all there either.

Two possible answers: Either it's true that people lose their love of books after a while, or I'm simply not interested in reading some of the books I check out. I have a whole huge shelf of upcoming books to read and during these last three months I've read my fair share of books, just not the ones from the library. Which again leads me to a confusing dead end - why am I checking these books out in the first place?

A rhetorical question and some food for thought. Hopefully I'll pick better next time...

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