Friday, January 2, 2009

Publisher's Weekly - a way to make a day

Publisher's Weekly - oh, yes, that's that... magazine, right? The one that always has excerpts from its reviews on the back of books? Yes, indeed. The one and only. Until this week, all I really knew about Publisher's Weekly is that they always seem to say something about "smooth writing..." or "wonderful characterization...". Of course, all I knew about them came from the blurbs on the back of books.

I traveled on over to their website the other day out of pure curiosity. Turns out they're doing what I'm attempting a little better: they've got an online version of the magazine, some blogs, reviews, and overall book news. To say that the website isn't a find would be a complete and total lie. It's a pretty cool site. Sure, some of the bloggers (most, in fact) have been on vacation since summer, and yeah, the articles are a little one-sided, but not everyone can be as amazing as this anonymous child.

I found this video, which quite amused me. Partly because of the constant jumps around, like they're trying to make it super hip or cool, and partly because it's such a weird topic to have an online video about. Then again, talking about reviews... that's pretty cool and hip in itself. He used the idea of "getting in bed" a little too often and neglected to mention Amazon reviewers, but John Freeman managed to make me laugh. I'm not sure that's what he intended. Still a neat video. And by neat I mean neat for people interested in book reviewing. Except for a kind of random ending... E-mail? What?

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