Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Falling asleep while reading

What does it mean if the book I'm trying to read now lulls me to sleep almost every time I pick it up? I'm not reading it late at night, and I wouldn't necessarily define it as boring (I managed to read and finish a much more boring book recently - I'll be talking more about that one in a few days). There is something, however, about this specific book that stumps me.

It's not a long novel - 200 pages. And I'm 40 pages in. Sure, the font is small, but the pace is surprisingly pleasant for a book that does not appear to have any discernible plot for now. But these forty pages were read in very, very short segments: a couple pages here, a paragraph there. After nearly ever segment: a nap.

I don't think I've ever had this before. Certainly I've read boring books in the past, or have read books that were maybe a little more difficult, but I do not recall a single instance in which the act of reading made me fall asleep. I have to wonder if it's just a mark of a book I'm not particularly enjoying. Thoughts?


  1. I'd say you just need some sleep...

  2. My husband and I always read a little before bed most nights and every night without fail, no matter what book he is reading, he falls asleep with the book open in minutes. So I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe it is just when or where you are reading.

  3. I'd say your body is telling you that you need some rest. I love to read, and I frequently doze off while reading even really good, exciting, enjoyable books. In fact, dozing off while reading a good book is one of my favorite things to do!

  4. I use books at night as a way to fall asleep, so I never worry that it means I don't like the book. Now it's become habit, so a few pages into almost any book I fall asleep. And then when I decide I really want to read the book, I read it during the day.


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