Monday, October 1, 2012

Links for the new month

"For a book publisher, a novella is too small to charge full price for, even though the costs of setting up a production run aren’t that much less. The wise choice, especially among the mass-market publishers, was to print something a little bit longer that you could charge full price for."


  1. Isn't it amusing, in a way, that book blogging gets slammed so often? It's true that there are blogs which seem to be less in-depth than others, but I think that any way of getting information about books 'out there' is better than none. I turn to book bloggers' reviews more than any other source for reliability, personally. Plus, what a community of friendship! Wonderful.

  2. Ah yes, the blogging incident - just another example of a high-profile literary figure with a bee in his bonnet on a grumpy day...

    ...but it's time to move on ;)

  3. I think novellas are coming back, which is awesome.


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