Friday, July 10, 2009

Happily ever after?

I wonder if I'm the only one finding this slightly odd, but there seem to be a whole lot of book related dating sites popping up and getting attention. First Penguin Dating and now Borders UK has started Happily Ever After, a dating service for readers. The Guardian laughs:

I don't know if Borders will actually be making recommendations for dates in the same way as they recommend books, but it would be priceless if members got regular email updates: "Did you enjoy, Mark, 34, of Swindon? Then you should try Gareth, 36, of Slough." Or: "After dating Sally of Birmingham, 86 per cent of customers go on to date Jayne of Devizes."

Meanwhile, both sites recommend books to read while waiting for dates. Penguin offers author tips about dating (thus advertising the authors' books) and Borders offers self-help books or books about dating, in order to make things smoother. Or in their words, they offer "the latest and greatest advice on all things dating". In other words, both sites have found a way to sell dating related self-help books. Huh.

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