Tuesday, August 2, 2016

WITMonth Day 2 | WITMonth 2016 plans and reading list!

Hello friends! We're on our way, and here are a few plans I have for this coming month:

  • Reviews! I've got tons of books that I've read over the past year or two that I never reviewed. It's about time I got to them. These reviews will cover books I liked, books I didn't like, books I loved, books I thought were interesting, classics, new releases, random finds... everything!
  • Discussions! There are still stones unturned in the discussion of women writers in translation, and WITMonth is as good a time as any to turn them over... and then throw them at you all.
  • Stats! Yup, there's more. There's always more.
  • Reading lists!
To start us off with reading lists, here are just a handful of the books I hope to get to this month:
  • A Temporary Sojourn and Other Stories by Nasreen Jahan (various translators)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Volume 1-3 by Hiromu Arakawa (translated by Akira Watanabe)
  • Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster by Svetlana Alexievich (translated by Keith Gessen)
  • Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar (translated by Grace Frick)
  • Prodigies by Angélica Gorodischer (translated by Sue Burke)
  • The Country Road by Regina Ullmann (translated by Kurt Beals)
  • I, Tituba: Black Witch of Salem by Maryse Condé (translated by Richard Philcox)
...and dozens more. Literally dozens of books, stacked precariously on the windowsill above my bed. Many languages, many regions, many perspectives.

Happy reading!

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  1. What a great event! I'm in. I found a couple of titles on my shelf of library books, and one more on Kindle, so I'm set. http://howlingfrog.blogspot.com/2016/08/august-event-women-in-translation.html


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