Women in Translation Month 2014

Women in Translation Month, August 2014

Optional Schedule:
  • Friday, August 1st: Introduction - why is women in translation important to you? 
  • Saturday, August 2nd: Favorite women writers in translation 
  • Week 1: Western/Northern Europe - France, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain... 
  • Wednesday, August 6th: Focus on: Classic literature 
  • Saturday, August 9th: Focus on: Poetry 
  • Week 2: Asian continent, Africa, and Oceania 
  • Wednesday, August 13th: Focus on: Queer literature 
  • Saturday, August 16th: Focus on: Children's and young adult literature 
  • Week 3: Eastern/Central Europe 
  • Wednesday, August 20th: Focus on: Underrated authors/books 
  • Saturday, August 23th: Focus on: Genre fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, etc.) 
  • Week 4: The Americas (Latin America, Haiti, Quebec, etc.) 
  • Wednesday, August 27th: Focus on: Untranslated masterpieces 
  • Saturday, August 30th: Focus on: Historical fiction 
  • Sunday, August 31st: New discoveries and WITMonth summary 
Please note that the order of posts listed here is entirely meaningless and is probably just based on the order in which I opened tabs in my browser!

Posts (and round-ups):
Reviews (by language):

  • The People in the Photo (Hélène Gestern, tr. Emily Boyce and Ros Schwartz) - Fleur in her World
  • A Very Easy Death (Simone de Beauvoir, tr. unknown) - Biblibio
  • The Elegance of the Hedgehog (Muriel Barbery, tr. Alison Anderson) - Biblibio
  • Escape (Dominique Manotti, tr. Amanda Hopkinson and Ros Schwartz) - Workshy Fop
  • The Lover (Marguerite Duras, tr. Barbara Bray) - Tony Messenger
  • Women of Algiers in the Their Apartments (Assia Djebar, tr. Marjolijn de Jager) - Tony Messenger
  • "Number Six" (Véronique Olmi, untranslated) - Tony's Reading List
  • Ru (Kim Thúy, tr. Sheila Fischman) - Raven Ramblings
  • Letters from a Peruvian Woman (Françoise de Graffigny, tr. David Kornacker) - My Book Strings
  • The Color of Dawn (Yanick Lahens, tr. Alison Layland) - Winston'sDad
  • Escape (Dominique Manotti, tr. Amanda Hopkinson and Ros Schwartz) - Winston'sDad
  • The Notebook (Agota Kristof, tr. Alan Sheridan) - Winston'sDad
  • Valentine (George Sand, tr. George Burnham Ives) - Fleur in her World
  • By the Sea (Véronique Olmi, tr. Adriana Hunter) - BookSexy Review
  • The Necrophiliac (Gabrielle Wittkop, Don Bapst) - BookSexy Review
  • Chéri (Colette, tr. Roger Senhouse) - JacquiWine's Journal
  • Fire in the Blood (Irène Némirovsky, tr. Sandra Smith) - Winston'sDad
  • Ru (Kim Thúy, tr. Sheila Fischman) - Biblibio
  • Rosie Carpe (Marie NDiaye, tr. Tasmin Black) - Caravan de recuerdos
  • Sidewalks (Valeria Luiselli, tr. Christina MacSweeney) - JacquiWine's Journal
  • Faces in the Crowd (Valeria Luiselli, tr. Christina MacSweeney) - Tony's Reading List
  • Faces in the Crowd (Valeria Luiselli, tr. Christina MacSweeney) - Biblibio
  • Sidewalks (Valeria Luiselli, tr. Christina MacSweeney) - Tony's Reading List
  • Sefer (Ewa Lipska, tr. Barbara Bogoczek and Tony Howard) - The rookery in the bookery
  • The Elusive Moth (Ingrid Winterbach, tr. Iris Gouws and the author) - BookSexy Review
  • Always Coca-Cola (Alexandra Chreiteh, tr. Michelle Hartman) - The Writes of Woman
  • The Tea Lords (Hella S. Haasse, tr. Ina Rilke) - 1streading's Blog 


  1. Count me in I'll publish reviews at messybooker.blogspot.com
    and have shared the idea via twitter and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/messybookerblog

  2. I'm very much looking forward to #WITMonth. I've just posted a reading round-up and plans for August, including links for translations I've reviewed in the past + books I'll be covering in August.



  3. I've been looking forward to August, just for #WITMonth. Congrats on making it happen Biblibio!

  4. I'll definitely be taking part, I've been stockpiling books! I don't know if I'll be able to stick to the schedule but I'll try. Very much looking forward to seeing everyone's choices and arm, buying even more books!


  5. I just came across your blog via Lizzy's Literary Life and this is a great idea. I hope to join in at some point as I haven't been reading enough books in translation this year and hope to rectify that soon.

  6. I think #WITMonth is a great idea, and I hope it goes really well. I'll be joining it, and have put together a list of all my existing reviews of translated books by women:


  7. Great event! I have been doing an opened project on short fiction of Italian women for a few months. Here is my post of this morning linking it to Women in Translation month


  8. I'm excited to participate!

    My initial post about Women in Translation Month is here: https://biblioglobal.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/women-in-translation-the-hidden-forces-shaping-my-reading/

  9. How can it be? A sorely needed focus on women in translation, and I haven't discovered your blog until today, August 14th. I must do some arranging and reading because I'd like to participate at least once before the 31st of August and support the cause.
    Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)

  10. I had not made the connection, but my Tove Jansson posts fit in, if you want them. Finnish writing in Swedish is the category, just to confuse things.

    Jansson's catastrophes
    Jansson's creativity


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