Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bookmarking 4 - Egypt

In sixth grade, my homeroom teacher was also my English and history teacher. At the start of the year, she presented every student in the class with a bookmark. On one side, she had printed our names in fancy calligraphy. On the other was a stamped illustration - mine happened to be of a pile of books. Attached at the top was a small carved scarab beetle. A student asked, curious, "Mrs R, what's this?"

She smiled. "Wait until we start studying about Egypt."


  1. I became interested in scarabs this same way -- by learning about it from a teacher who was enthusiastic about Egyptian history.

  2. Love this bookmark :) I'm a bookmark collector too, but my cats seem to think they're toys, particularly the magnetic variety. I won't put them away and out of reach like a "real" collection, so I've trained myself to laugh at the places I find them rather than cringing at their condition when I do! :)


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