Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bookmarking 7 - Knopf

Have an opinion on this ARC? Probably, and if the book you're reading is a Knopf edition, you might have even encountered this bookmark before, tucked in an ARC of some kind. There's some logic in this kind of advertising, though. It's just one more way Knopf can remind you that they understand books and readers (by offering them the one thing bound to come in handy), that they care what the reviewers' thoughts are, and that they're totally awesome. Right? I have to wonder why other publishers don't follow their lead...


  1. I think more publsihers should be doing this. Half the time books are sent and no way to tell who to send a review too. This way the bookmark will be in the book when you do the review.

  2. Knopf IS totally awesome! And I love it when publishers give contact info in ARCs so I can report back.

  3. I often find books arrive in brown envelopes with no contact information. I usually browse the publishers website, fill in a form and press send, and never get a reply.

    What happened to the book bloggers survey? Have the results been published yet?

  4. Tom, the results have yet to be published. This is due to the simple (and somewhat disappointing) fact that a series of glitches seriously delayed the process. I'm not certain when exactly the results will be in but they will certainly be published here and soon-ish.


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