Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do Not Reshelve!

Note: Bookmarking will return next week after this delay due to the failure of several USB devices and wires (and a volcano eruption). Thank you, technology. Thank you.

Via Combreviations, a photo-list of funny signs found in and around libraries. Most revolve around eating and computers (and eating around computers), but are quite entertaining - from the slightly depressing (yelling children) to the hilarious (below).

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  1. Haha! I've re-shelved books at my Library (I'm a Library Technician, without her library), so this sign is a good one for me. To be fair, when I re shelve books I'm doing it for the greater good. The one library in my community doesn't seem to know what the dewey decimal system is nor the alphabet. So I just,er reorganize some books when I'm there browsing.


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