Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lesezeichen 8 - Rhineland

Maybe six months after traveling Poland with a group, I found myself in a similar (but slightly cheerier) situation with Germany, going along the Rhine.

Friday, on our way to Köln, past the Loreley, the group was given free time to walk around the tourist town of Rüdesheim. Free time to get lunch, enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful day, and spend some money. The small tourist shops displayed many t-shirts, beer mugs, and other novelty souvenirs. "I'll get this as a gift for a friend," I told my travel companions, spotting a display of surprisingly tall, stiff ruffle-edged bookmarks. They laughed. "Yeah right."

Good intentions always go afoul. At least it's a great addition to my collection.

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  1. We are planing a Rhine cruise ourselves - a great way to visit all those little towns and sample the beers and wines. I shall take some German books with me (in translation of course)


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