Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hello, my name is...

Hello! My name is Meytal. It's nice to finally meet you all.

As some of you will know, I've been anonymous for a long time - since the advent of this blog, actually. I've gotten a lot of interesting theories over the years as to my "true identity", some fairly accurate and others wildly off-base. In recent months, I've started to open up a bit more about my age, and many of you have also guessed my gender as well (largely, I think, because it's still considered weird for men to directly address feminist causes?). And yet I've received some unpleasant comments for remaining anonymous, and it forced me to ask the tough questions: Why was I still anonymous? What was I afraid of?

Questions which are answered in my introductory video below. I'm going to be making more of these videos - about women in translation month, about books I read that I don't feel like reviewing in print, about random book-related issues that I think are particularly interesting - but will by no means be abandoning this blog. These videos are a supplement, and an easy way to start moving past my hesitance in sharing about myself online.


  1. Thanks for the introduction, Meytal. It was nice to meet the person behind the pseudonym and to hear your reasons for choosing to blog anonymously and now to stop blogging anonymously. All best!

  2. Hi Meytal! Good to "meet" you, and I love what you've said about the devaluing of young women and our ideas and the place we hold in literary discourse. So so true. I'm excited to hear about some of the YA books and things that you've loved!


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