Friday, August 1, 2014

WITMonth Day 1 - It begins...

Happy August, everyone!

The "official" completely optional not-really-important prompt for today was a general introduction, and a riff on why we find the issue of women in translation interesting/important. Since I've spent the past few months discussing little else, I'll keep this post brief. Readers seeking a general introduction are invited to read through the "women in translation" tag.

Instead of another long post, I'd like to welcome all readers who want to participate in the Women in Translation month - whether on blogs, on Youtube, on Twitter, on Tumblr, at home in a private notebook, on Facebook, and anywhere else - to feel free to discuss their thoughts on the matter (especially if you disagree with some of the conclusions I may have reached in my earlier posts - the point is to have a discussion!). I'll be collecting links and reviews, but I might miss something - contact me and I'll happily add you. In the meantime, here's to an interesting and enlightening month for us all!

Next up: I discuss some of my personal favorite women writers in translation...


  1. Here's to a great month with lots of reviews of wonderful books :)

  2. I really liked your introductory post, although the gender of the authors whose books I read is not that important to me personally. I have two books lined up for this month, and I am looking forward to finding out about lots of new-to-me books.

  3. Translation into what language do you mean? Only translation to English? Only translation into bigger languages?

    ...or did you mean translation FROM English - as English-writing female writers DO get translated a lot, I believe.


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