Tuesday, August 14, 2018

WITMonth Day 14 | WITMonth lists from other people!

One of the most incredible things about WITMonth has been watching it grow over the years. Today, there is no shortage of excellent writers, translators, publishers, reviewers, critics, etc. engaging with WITMonth, reviewing books by women in translation, and writing about the topic. If in 2014 it was possible to keep track of every. single. post, this simply isn't possible anymore (and for the best reason ever). And just as there's been a huge influx in reviews and thoughtful pieces about women writers in translation, there have also been quite a few stellar recommendation lists out there! So to give you all a bit of a break from my ramblings, I'm going to link out today to a few lists that I've seen around this WITMonth:

I'm missing a lot of excellent lists, but there are still plenty more days this WITMonth to explore them. What lists have you been working off? How have you been finding new books to read this WITMonth?


  1. Thank you for sharing my lists as well as all the other amazing ones that have been showing up this WITMonth! I am loving it, and my TBR is exploding :)

  2. This Month I am focusing on translated from Yiddish Short stories by women writers. I have four collections of Yiddish Short stories, three Focus on women writers. So far I have posted on Seven writers. Most left Europe for New York City or Toronto to escape The Holocaust. Yiddish literature continued to be authored by female immigrants up until 1999 when the last author passed. These stories focus on immigrant experiences, life long ago in Eastern Europe and the Holocaust.


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