Wednesday, August 8, 2018

WITMonth Day 8 | Reading the world challenge (part 4)

Part 4, here we go! As always, remember that not every country is represented, nor that every country representation is necessarily in novel format! Links provided where I have them. Of course, if you have any recommendations for any of the missing countries (or missing languages), please let me know!

  • Japan (Japanese): Yoko Ogawa - Hotel Iris
  • Jordan - MISSING
  • Kazakhstan - MISSING
  • Korea, South (Korean): Bae Suah - A Greater Music
  • Korea, North - MISSING
  • Kuwait (Arabic): Fatimah Yousif al-Ali - "The Ringing Body"
  • Kyrgyzstan - MISSING
  • Laos - MISSING
  • Latvia (Latvian): Aspazija - Poems
  • Lebanon (Arabic): Hoda Barakat - The Stone of Laughter
  • Lesotho - MISSING
  • Libya (Arabic): Laila Neihoum - Poems
  • Liechtenstsein - MISSING
  • Lithuania (Lithuanian): Giedra Radvilavičiūtė - Those Whom I Would Like to Meet Again
  • Luxembourg (French): Anise Koltz - At the Edge of Night
  • Macedonia (Macedonian): Lidija Dimkovska - A Spare Life
  • Madagascar (French): Bao Ralambo - "Blastomycosis"
  • Malaysia - MISSING
  • Maldives - MISSING
  • Mali - MISSING
  • Malta (Maltese): lare Azzopardi - "Green Line"
  • Mauritius (French): Nathacha Appanah - The Last Brother
  • Mexico (Spanish): Cristina Rivera Garza - The Iliac Crest
  • Moldova - MISSING
  • Monaco - MISSING
  • Mongolia - MISSING
  • Montenegro - MISSING
  • Morocco (Arabic): Leila Abouzeid - Year of the Elephant
  • Morocco (Tashelhit): Mririda n-Ayt Attiq - Tassawt Voices
  • Mozambique (Portuguese): Paulina Chiziane - The First Wife
  • Myanmar (Burmese): Nu Nu Yi - Smile as they Bow
  • Nepal (Nepali): Jhamak Ghimire - A Flower in the Midst of Thorns
  • Netherlands, The (Dutch): Tonke Dragt - The Letter for the King
  • Nicaragua (Spanish): Gioconda Belli - The Scroll of Seduction
  • Niger - MISSING
  • Nigeria - MISSING
  • Norway (Norwegian): Hanne Ørstavik - Love
  • Oman (Arabic): Jokha Alharthi - Celestial Bodies
As you can see, there are still a lot of gaps in this list! Many countries and languages remain unexplored. As always, any recommendations are most welcome, especially since a full version of this list will eventually be published more conveniently. In the meantime, however... happy reading!


  1. For Moldova, I've heard that the very young and talented Lucia Brainstorm (yes, probably a pen name) will be translated into English, but I haven't been able to find any further information about publisher or publishing date. Two other names I've heard mentioned are Stela Popa and Nina Josu, both also known for their journalistic activities and political activism. Not translated yet, I don't think. I used to know a very talented poet Argentina Gribincea from Moldova but she seems to have fallen rather silent on her Twitter account and blog @GriArg

    1. I'm still looking for a lot of these countries. I mean, I only updated Oman just a few days before publishing this post! There's new stuff coming out all the time and so much that I'm not aware of as well. Thanks for the recs, I'll definitely keep an eye out!


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